Sunday, March 26, 2006

Too Hot for Stores

I thought y'all'd get a kick out of one of the complete REJECT images for the cover. Look, you know me - I LOVED it. I suggested it. The response was complete horrified, "Oh-m-Gawd! Barnes & Noble would order exactly NO copies of this book, Jennifer!"

Is there something wrong with me? I'm starting to wonder. Why is it that all things completely inappropriate appeal to me? My mother was just visiting and People Magazine (yes, you heard Famous Fame increasing as we speak) asked me for a photo. My mother said (echoing the sentiments of my publicist, agent and editor), "You're not going to send that Terry Richardson photograph, are you?" and I was like, "Yeah. What's the matter with it?"

I think there's literally a part of my brain that's missing: the couth part or maybe it's the modesty part or maybe it's just a kind of warped sense of humor that no one else gets. I dunno. So anyway, check People Magazine next week and see who won the argument.

Meanwhile, this week, read the gorgeous review of The Booster in The Boston Globe by my new hero, Carol Iaciofano! Carol (who's a brilliant writer in her own respect and should totally become a Famous Author!) writes, "Jennifer Solow has neatly dropped her literary beach towel near the spot of sand occupied by Kate White and Sophie Kinsella. There's hope in this story, and beach book season is just around the corner."

Is this cool or what?


Reena Patton said...

so psyched to meet you in SF...

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