Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ode to Jac

Yes, the day has arrived.
I received a note from the very first person (who is not my mother, my mother's friend, Pam, or my aunt Janie) who has finished the book.

Here is what Jac (an ex-lawyer-turned-writer from New York) says:
"Jennifer- I loved your novel. I read it one day- and refused to leave the apartment last Saturday, the first spring day in the City. I am just embarking on the publishing process with my first novel "Six Minutes In The City."

Now you may think that all Famous Authors are all cool-n-junk, but this one is secretly...well, not cool at all.

Thank you, Jac! I am rendered wordless.

P.S. Can someone publish "Six Minutes In the City" please!


Jac said...

Thanks Jennifer!! I meant it. Loved the ode and that you said six minutes twice.


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