Monday, March 06, 2006

Arianne Phillips was ROBBED!

I finally had a friend who was nominated for an Oscar. This is a glorious time in any Famous Author's life...a time when phrases like, "My dear friend who's nominated for an Oscar..." or "My friend, Oscar-nominated..." etc etc come in handy.

But now that my dear friend lost the Oscar to a lesser movie and was RIPPED OFF of her rightly deserved status as "Oscar-winning-dear-friend" I must protest, though possibly in vain. I, even with my power and influence, can not turn back the clock 24 hours and protest this disgraceful abuse of justice.

Is Arianne (Ari to me, her dear-dear-Famous-Author-friend) Phillips not the greatest costume designer to ever live? Is Hedwig and the Angry Inch not the most fabulously styled and sewn array of hairy bits (she bloodied her poor fingers to the bone on that one) to ever be made into an outfit? Is Walk The Line not an example of finesse and subtlety of cut,color and material? Excuse me? Memoirs of a Geisha? ARIANNE PHILLIPS invented Memoirs of a Geisha (well, stolen from centuries and centuries of tradition and culture).

So here I sit, eating my bon bons and vicariously feeling the pain. Indeed even my Famous Author's photo was my homage to Arianne. If you come and see me on tour you will see an array of Arianne-styled outfits (Madonna's cast-off black Pucci shirt, Gucci, Coureges, vintage Jean Muir) and I must say, while many might feel that Best Movie should have been Brokeback or that Heath was upstaged by another year of mimicry, Arianne was the one I was routing for. She is the uncontested winner in my mind. There you have it.

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Reena Patton said...

I'm coming to see you on tour, and now I wanna check out these fits by Arianne. I'm sorry your friend did not get an Oscar. She can be proud of her nomination. That is HUGE!