Monday, April 10, 2006


As if appearing in Harper's Bazaar alongside Madonna is not enough to give this girl a glorious case of hives, this week, yes, oh m'gawd, I'm in People Magazine.

Of course they used the photo that my mother hates, "you're so much prettier in real life, sweetheart," and they angled the book in such a way that it points directly to my boob...but who cares. People Magazine. I mean, what is up from here?

So as you might expect, I'm taking some time off to celebrate - maybe throwing myself a party and watching the entire 2004 season of Nip/Tuck all at once. This takes a lot out of a girl. "Solow steals the show with this energetic debut!"..."Solow's achievement lies in her subtle portrayal of Jillian's motivation for stealing..." C'MON! I love this. This is splendid!

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brainlesionssuck said...

It was great to meet you in Pittsburgh and love seeing all your success! Hope you relax at least for the next day or so...

Kathie at