Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It takes a year to really process.

I don't think anyone can really do Marie for Halloween the VERY SAME YEAR the movie comes out. The competition is too great - the images, too fresh. Like wearing white after Labor Day: it's just not right. But a year later and poof. Voila. Let them eat cack. The wig is my friend Nona's, The Vagina Designa. The pearls were my grandmother, Addie-Babes', and the dress is mine. Next year I'll go as, I dunno, Micheal Clayton maybe.


samchik said...

Ahh, perhaps if Marie had a visage as lovely as this she had not lost her head,no?

DrD said...

Ahh... if Marie had had a visage as lovely as this perhaps she would not had lost her head, no?