Friday, September 21, 2007

La Ladra Romanzo di Jennifer Solow - oh m'gawd!

What could be better than gnocchi with pesto? Well - La Ladra Romanzo di Jennifer Solow.

What does it mean? Who cares. It's Italian and it sounds delicious.

"Jennifer Solow ci racconta la storia provocatoria di una 'bad girl' sofisticata e ribelle al tempo stesso, che ci conquista con la sua eccentricità e fragilità."

Does that sound fantastic or what?

If you happen to be in Italy and can drag me a home a copy - please do and drop me a line. I LOVE the Italian cover! It's so, like, Elastigirl, I'm dying.


Anonymous said...

omg i am just so happy that someone else over the age of 12 besides me knows who elastigirl is...yet can i go as far as saying the anna wintour lookalike in the movie was fabulous!!

jennifer solow said...

Who said I was over the age of 12?