Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why I love gay guys

I am back from my fabulous tropical vacation with some horrifying news:
Wouldn't you know it, as the Pina Colada was just making its way to my lounge chair, I felt a little tickle in my throat - a burn, really, a cough and then some sneezing and snot.
I was sick.

But a gay guy knows that this is not the worst of it. He knows that coming home, unpacking the bikini and the diamonds and crawling into bed with a tub of Kleenex With Aloe Moisture is actually the lowest depths of all.

My dear friend and near-personal-stylist (who shall remain nameless unless I get an email from him saying that it's okay to be outted at 30ish in San Francisco), upon hearing the news had some marvelous advice.

I am reprinting it here because I think we all have something to learn.
Print is out. Put it up. Hold it in your heart.
(I love you, honey!)

Watch Oprah. Drink lots of herbal tea with honey. And insist to your man that,
strangely enough, expensive jewelry makes you feel better...

Take care, sweetie.
Call me when you're better - there's nothing more unjust than
being tan and sick at the same time.

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