Monday, January 30, 2006

More famous by the minute

Am I allowed to gush for just a little moment?
This morning, THE BOOSTER got a starred review in Publisher's Weekly. Needless to say I feel like putting on a bad gown and screaming, "You really like me!" while running down my street.

Bear with me as I cite the thrilling moments:

First there was the star itself. We love stars. In general, all famous people love stars. Next there was the opener: "Solow's SPECTACULAR debut..."

Then there was a bunch of other stuff that was also really great. I will include the entire review because it IS MY BLOG, and I'm not sure that anyone besides me reads it so...for those of you who are not my mother but might still be interested, read below:

* Solow's spectacular debut sounds a warning to fashionista shopaholics while providing a healing catharsis that anyone grieving over the loss of a loved one can appreciate. "It is mine. It is mine. It is mine " is the mantra Jillian Siegel repeats before any major shoplifting expedition, believing her hobby is not a crime but her "birthright." The Upper East Sider's addiction to larceny increases after she loses her ad agency job just before the agency acquires the coveted Loevner's department store account. Loevner's had once been owned by Jillian's dying uncle Bingo, a beloved parental figure. As a little girl in bunny fur, Jillian had appeared in the original ad that defined Loevner's upscale glamour. After Shelly, a needy young drifter whom Jillian meets in jail in the wake of a tourist-trap incident, introduces Jillian into a Peruvian shoplifting ring, Jillian becomes the ring's star American booster. "Designer clothes are like armor" providing "protection from the masses," Jillian thinks, but by the thrilling wind-up, Solow, an ad agency veteran, has ripped the tags off this assumption, forcing Jillian to face what compels her to steal. (Mar.)


jennifer solow said...

OH, Jennifer. You are sooooo funny. It's it's so terrible NOT to have any comments. I just couldn't help but write to you.

Love ya!

The 12th Poster said...

Hey I know a guy that carries his own high school photo and he is 50. Now that is sad.

brainlesionssuck said...

I'm late on the comment, but what great press you have, my dear! Bask in it sister.

kathie at

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