Friday, December 30, 2005

What to bring to the party

For those of you coming to my New Year's blowout, here's what we still need:

Brian & Karin are doing Brian's famous pork. Karin is making her dessert-thing and we HAVE to promise to smile and nod even if it's all messed up. You know how she gets.

Steph is bringing cookies. My guess is that the cookies I gave her will end up back here...but who cares - they're Dean & DeLuca cookies and someone gave them to me anyway.

Karen is coming late due to a so-called booty call which may or may not happen and a babysitter who may or may not show up and no matter what, I promised her I woudn't publish that sort of thing on my blog. So I won't. Unless it's really good.

AND...I'm completely annoyed about the whole illegal caviar situation. I thought those were ideal prices for beluga last year and I'm completely UP-set that I will not be drowning in the stuff this year. So, if you're really rich and you don't mind watching my teeth turn all black - you're welcome to bring that.

Believe it or not, I am doing a ciabatta. Yes, I'm a baker. A joker and a toker. The poolish is fermenting as we speak. Fresh bread and warm butter at midnight. Yum yum. As good as kisses.

Dana is bringing the wigs and music and Marcy is bringing the asprin - because Lord knows she has a TON of it at home and Greer isn't coming because who the hell knows where she is when she's not working - it's like she has some secret life or something. Jeeze. Jen WOULD be donating the bulk of the champagne, but seeing as she's busy with that whole scuba-diving-in-Australia thing, we won't count on her.

So - we still need: oodles of champagne (Blanc de Noir to win my heart), sparklers, party hats, the martini fountain, Campari, parchment paper, a drill, and someone needs to pick up Kiki from the airport.

See you tomorrow night. xx


Kiki said...

You are such a sweetie. And you're right, Bryan is a dollface. A perfect NY's Eve treat. I'm sorry about your tiara.

Until next time.


SBNorCal Rox said...

Great party til the cops came. Next time tell Jorge to bring an acoustic guitar.