Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Am I an expert? You be the judge.

So, it's been a while since I've said bonjour and I wanted to let you know what's all happening. I was in the middle of my next book and my agent came to me with an idea I jumped on.

Here's the dealio:
I'm writing a new series called THE ARISTOBRATS.
The first is due out in 2010 and, if I can learn to type a whole lot faster than I do now, I should have another one out about 6 months after that.
It's about a group of popular Eighth Graders at the prestigious Wallingford Academy whose lives at the top of the populadder are all but ruined when they're assigned to produce the school's lame-o webcast.
I've been having a marvelouz time writing these girls: Parker, Ikea, Plum and Kiki. I adore them and I hope you will too. Fans of 'The Booster' will not be disappointed.

And BTDubs, that's me on the far right --->


roziwrites said...

I called you Jeffie back then.
Although you were plaid-clad, you just pretended to be a brat.

Faithful to The Preppy Handbook, we referred to Grandpa as Skip.

You've inspired me to blog too.
Aun Rozi

roziwrites said...

third try...
I called you Jeffie back then in your plaid-clad jumper. You just pretended to be a brat.

Faithful to The Preppy Handbook, Grandpa's moniker was Skip.

You inspired me to blog.
Aunt Rozi