Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is perfect (for the moment).

It's that special time in a writer's life:
The new manuscript is done and has been turned into the agent.
The agent will not be done reading said manuscript for at least a few days, possibly an entire week!

For these delicious, yet fleeting moments, life couldn't be better. There are no revisions that need revising, no writing that needs to be written and no sorrows that need to be drowned in Bombay martinis, straight up, VERY cold, extra olives. Martinis need only to be enjoyed, not needed.

I'm going to enjoy these perfect days. Sit in the sun. Try on some wigs. Wrap some boas around my neck for my own amusement. Eat some chocolate.

Ah, if only all of life could be this grand.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading "The Booster" now. It's ok so far, but honestly, you seem really really annoying. I'm sure you won't post this, but hopefully you'l at least read it.

jennifer solow said...

Thanks for writing, anonymous! I publish all my comments and value your opinion. I'm happy you're reading the book and glad that you've taken the time to write.

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