Sunday, July 09, 2006

Enjoying a mental break

I hope all of you won't mind while I take some time away from my blog to download my second book.

It's a dark and mysterious process shrouded in secrecy.

If you want all the scoop (when I have it), drips and drabs, the 'director's cut' if you will, please join my FAMOUS LIST.

Until then.



Canopenner said...

Can it truely be that easy?

jennifer solow said...

Oh, yes, canopenner!

In the fall, I will awake, well rested and throughly refreshed. Beside me, my manuscript - no typos, ready for printing!

If you're a writer, you's just that easy!

Canopenner said...

See that must be why you are professional writer...

All I do is push a boulder up a big hill to the top and then it rolls back down and I push it up again, and again and again. Rinse and Repeat. I wish it would push itself around while I was sleeping but no such luck on that yet.

I guess it pays the bills.

Im suprised you dont get more traffic here.

Thanks for replying to my comment. You made my day. :^)

Jaye Wells said...

I buy my plots at Walmart. They have deep discounts on gently used material.